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Slots Games at Indian Casinos

Have you noticed that playing slots games at Indian casinos is really not that fun? The machines are so tight that you hardly ever win enough to keep you playing
for more than a couple minutes. Now we all expect to loose when we gamble but we do want some entertainment out of it. Well Indian casinos take away that
entertainment value by having so tight of slot machines you never get to play more than a few minutes on your 20 dollars you put in the machine. Another
thing I have noticed is they hardly have any jackpots going off. Why? it is because the Indian casinos are not regulated the same and they do not have
payouts like Nevada standards. My advice is to stay away from Indian casinos as you are just throwing your money away. Now online casinos have set there
standard to Vegas payouts. So your odds are much greater playing online than in a local Indian casino.